Here's a list of some of the services we provide. If you don't see what you're looking for, just contact us and we will see what we can do!

Timber Sales & Marketing

Marketing forest products requires a clear understanding of timber species, products and grades being offered for sale. We identify and recommend specific timber “sale areas” to the landowner client, while emphasizing the timing and scope of the timber involved. Our comprehensive approach includes an updated timber inventory/cruise and valuation prior to marketing, accurate GPS-mapping of the sale, preparation of the timber sale “notice”/prospectus and advertising.

On bid sales, we set in-house bid dates and carefully craft the timber deed language and contract using local attorneys. With ever changing and challenging markets, it has become ever more common to negotiate sales with a group of preferred customers (independent, certified logging contractors) that have a high level of proficiency and quality workmanship, especially on selective-thinning and custom harvests that require a great deal of care for the land and residual timber. Sales typically involve a timber harvesting agreement whereby the client is paid on weekly schedule - per unit/per product cut/merchandised and hauled to area mills. Compliance with State BMP’s (best management practices) and frequent oversight/supervision are all important keys to a successful and satisfactory experience.



Reforestation of quality species directed on the proper sites/soils and acreage/locations is an integral part of planning the amount and character of the managed forest of the future. All reforestation and silvicultural treatments/prescriptions are met with prior Landowner approval following a timber harvest. We have a track record of seeing positive results by utilizing the best contractors (vendors) in the business. We also provide information and assistance on a timely basis in connection with any State and Federal programs available by USDA, NRCS, FSA and State Forestry Commissions related to forest improvements, including reforestation, quality vegetation management using herbicide application, invasive weed control, and independent contractor services related to capital improvements on the land.

Timber inventory & Appraisals

Most landowners need a written timber appraisal report in order to make intelligent decisions regarding a timber sale. We regularly estimate timber volumes and values for management, sales, land acquisition, loans/collateral, establishing basis and estate planning purposes. We regularly are asked of lenders and certified appraisers to provide the contributory timber asset values. Canale Forest Management Co. is a regular contributor to Timber Mart South Quarterly Market Bulletin and tracks timber prices from comparable sales, mill prices and interviews with forest industry experts.

Forest Management Planning

In addition to being a Qualified Inspector with the American Tree Farm System, we regularly provide a written plan titled a Forest Stewardship Plan which directs the owner to actively manage the forest and related resources. The plan serves as a guide to show potential possibilities and schedules of activities necessary to accomplish goals and objectives of timberland ownership. The Management Plan usually starts with an inventory of the existing resources, detailed g.p.s.-mapping of timber stands, boundaries/corners and key features located on the land, including soils and site information, and management recommendations for specific time periods. The plan is designed to meet the clients goals through sound management practices that incorporate soil and water quality, wildlife improvements, invasive species, fire protection and other resources.
We understand that quality timber management and wildlife go hand in hand, producing many benefits that include retention of hardwoods on sensitive slopes and creeks. Designing and protecting SMZ’s (streamside management zones) are common, voluntary practices implemented by private, non-industrial landowners and the timber industry alike to address BMP (Best Management Practices) and water quality issues to minimize government interference and regulation.

GPS Mapping & GIS Data

Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) programs and aerial imagery and other map data, we accurately map properties using GPS data-recorders with high-level accuracy. High quality, color maps and imagery are produced, printed or delivered electronically, using the latest available sources. Once in our system, we can keep property information updated to reflect current conditions, acreage being planted or treated, and other changing aspects of the forest landscape. Information is stored to accurately identify timber stands, timber types and age classes and other features important to any management decisions. Calculation of costs associated with management practices is important, so having accurate, up-to-date maps is critical.

timberland brokerage

Owner, Bill Canale, is a State licensed Real Estate Broker.  We specialize in marketing timber and hunting properties and have a large network of potential interested parties. Working primarily as a Seller’s agent, we work to find the best market for your land sale, often cooperating with other real estate firms.


independent Contractor Services

Most owners rely on our experience in recommending high quality, specialized independent contractors that perform improvement practices on the land. We utilize professionals that are proficient and expert in road construction, firelane installation, clearing land for new uses, and building lakes/ponds. Other important contractor services include prescribed burning, herbicide application and wildlife enhancements. When it comes to choosing the right service provider, we know how to best get the job done, while adding value to the property.